Get over you

Remember that Saturday night
When everything started to fall apart
The night when you broke my heart
Seems like the darkest hours of my life

These hours never seemed to end
Tears start streaming down my face
I hope this pain comes to an end
And finally get over you

I had you then I lost you
Looking back is torture
And it hurts to know I let you go
When my heart still wants to hold on
But no, this isn't right anymore
You had your chance and you blew it away

That Saturday night... (Chorus)



Give up

I have to give up 
Even if it hurts
I just feel so tired of waiting for you 
To understand
To care about me

Will things go back 
To how they used to be
Or should I just give up
We've come this far
To end things like this 
But its just not working out
So should I just give up

I cover up these feelings
But no one seems to understand
That I'm hurting
That I'm tired of waiting for you
The only option now
Is to give eveything up

I love you

I've waited for you 
But you never came
You promised me
That I'm the one for you
But why did you change 
Now you're with her
I miss the words you used to say

I love you 
Just 3 simple words 
That you used to say 
I love you 
Why can't you just stay 
Right by my side
Well I better just let you go
And say goodbye

Here I am
Been feeling lost 
Can't find the words to say
Spending all my time
Stuck in yesterday
Thinking about you makes me
Miss the words you used to say