Dear no one by Tori Kelly (Guitar cover-intro)

And again, its probably not that good but here’s a video of me playing Tori Kelly’s Dear no one 👉👉👉 👈👈👈


Give up

I have to give up 
Even if it hurts
I just feel so tired of waiting for you 
To understand
To care about me

Will things go back 
To how they used to be
Or should I just give up
We've come this far
To end things like this 
But its just not working out
So should I just give up

I cover up these feelings
But no one seems to understand
That I'm hurting
That I'm tired of waiting for you
The only option now
Is to give eveything up

I love you

I've waited for you 
But you never came
You promised me
That I'm the one for you
But why did you change 
Now you're with her
I miss the words you used to say

I love you 
Just 3 simple words 
That you used to say 
I love you 
Why can't you just stay 
Right by my side
Well I better just let you go
And say goodbye

Here I am
Been feeling lost 
Can't find the words to say
Spending all my time
Stuck in yesterday
Thinking about you makes me
Miss the words you used to say